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peace. love. & jen.
and maybe i don't need saving after all.

regarding my previous post, you may want to check this one regularly over the next few days or so.

- if you're looking for my personal RL-ish journal please comment&add:


- if you're looking for strictly my fandom / graphics journal please:

wait a few days until I get around to making one, and check back here. (:

- if you know who you are and what other journal you're looking for, i'll post that in a seperate special post. (:

actual realityact up!
Okay. This journal. too cluttered. too many things. personal , online, communities ... nooo. lol.

I decided I'm going to create a personal journal, for my daily life and musings and everything to do with good ol' Jen and her life. :]

This journal is going to be cleansed and used strictly for fanfics, HP, fandom, graphics, and other such things. Probably won't be updated THAT often, but hey - i'll give it a try.

If you'd like to be added onto my personal journal [ i'll post the name as soon as I come up with one. xD ] just leave a comment here, and I'll keep it in mind. This is intended for RL friends, CLOSE MNFF friends (aka my slyths), and people from communities that know me and dont think I'm a complete loser. <3

actual realityact up!
and only here. :]
actual realityact up!
Hope everyone had a good christmas, or holiday =) I just got home from my grandparents / aunts / grandfather's girlfriends / other aunts houses and chyahhh im soooo glad to be back from farm country NY. They had. no. computers. >.<

My boyfriend told me I was a spoiled brat because I was complaining that my dad didnt get me the new cellphone I really wanted, but they spent "enough money" on everything else. pfft. loser. However, if you throw a mini-tantrum long enough, daddy buys you anything. *angelic face*

Just to document my presents from family (heheh) :

- black video iPod
- tiffany's "O" necklace
- puzzle ring from greece (my aunt's been saving it for me since i was seven!)
- a little jewelry box from africa that the ring came in
- 4 different shirts from nordstroms
- a sweatshirt from d*ELIA's
- 3 pairs of jeans
- Uggs
- a hugeeee and gorgeousss make-up kit
- a make up bag
- 3 pairs of earrings
- 4 other necklaces
- a make-up bag
- 2 shirts from American Eagle
- $ 40 gift card to Borders (books! yay!)
- $ 40. haha
- Victoria Secret stuff.
- Pajama Pants
- some other useless junk.
- soon to be: new cellphone from daddy dearest. haha.


from Marisa who is the best bff in T3H W0RLD.

- bracelets

from Jay:
- a yankee's licesence plate. (haha. don't ask.)
- a silver & black necklace
- a silver ring

.... my mom told me she "cut back" from last year. =(



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actual realityact up!
I'm keeping this public because its spiffy. =] DO IT.

answer the questions anonymously;;

1.One secret.
2.One compliment.
3.One random thing
4.One love note.
5.Lyrics to a song.
6.How old you are.
7.How long we've been friends.
8.A hint to whom you are.

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actual realityact up!

+ New Journal.
+ Commented to be added
+ tell me how you know me, most likely you'll be added.
+ tell me, isn't taking pictures with 'it' the coolest thing ever? =)

actual realityact up!